A New Home For Our Family

It’s been a while since we closed on the house, and after my last post I feel I need a more positive update, so I’m happy to report that our efforts in downsizing were/are a success! Sort of! Yay!

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Trying To Forgive Myself For Postpartum Depression

Forgiving myself for postpartum depressionI’m sure like many other people, I have a love/hate relationship with Timehop. While I delight in seeing pictures and updates that take me back to incredibly fun times (the beginning of my relationship with my husband, funny stories with friends from college, etc.) I sometimes find the app a nuisance, rubbing my face in times of my life I’d rather forget.

The most complicated part of having Timehop? Most of my favorite updates also happen to come from a time period I sometimes can’t stand reliving: My son’s infancy.

Postpartum depression is kind of a bitch like that.

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Downsizing, Minimalism and Toddlerhood

IMG_2309We’re moving.

And we’re downsizing.

And we’re doing all of this with a very energetic two and a half year old toddler.

There. There it is. There’s no sugarcoating it, there’s no getting around it, there’s no denying it. We’re downsizing. And we might be crazy, but I’m excited. So so very excited!


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What I hope Mister Rogers can show my son

IMG_0274We’re not big about TV in our house. My husband and I have movies and television shows that we enjoy, but most of those we get on either Netflix, Amazon or iTunes. It was an easy decision when trimming our budget to cut out cable, though we did get an antenna so we could watch the Olympics and the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving. By default this means B doesn’t watch a lot of TV, which we’re in no hurry to change.

But we do like to find some shows he can watch every once in a while. I’ve watched a lot of the new kids shows and — can we be honest here? — most of them are kind of obnoxious. So we were thrilled when we found Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on Amazon Prime.

Recently, the set pieces from Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood were moved to a History Center near my hometown. I know all television shows have their lifespan, but as I read about this iconic set being restored I was struck by how sad I am that this show isn’t on any more, and lots of kids won’t even know who he is. Because I feel like our kids today could benefit greatly from Fred Rogers. Continue reading What I hope Mister Rogers can show my son

Flying with a toddler – Car seats, sobs and security

IMG_6688This year for our vacation little bear and I flew. By ourselves. My husband and his mother graciously made the long trek by car, to take the majority of the luggage and ensure we had a car on vacation. But it was easier for B and I to be air bound.

To mitigate any toddler-on-a-plane-trip disasters (which my husband and I had just accepted were part of traveling and going to happen), we planned ahead. We figured if we anticipated some of the struggles parents usually have when bringing a toddler on a plane – especially our spirited little guy – we’d be better off. We prepped, we made lists, we packed and we planned accordingly.

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